Writing Hiatus

            I have been missing from my blog for quite some time now and I apologize to both you and to myself. School has been really busy and I’m not making that an excuse for not writing, I just haven’t made writing for fun a priority.  However, I have definitely missed it because it is a healthy creative outlet that I really enjoy.  In my time of not sitting down and actually writing something I have made lists and notes to myself about many things that I want to write about and that I really want to process through writing.  That being said, I will be back to writing regularly again within a week or so.

            Something that I have realized about myself is that when I get stressed, feeling overwhelmed, and have a lot of deadlines all of the things that I have put in place for self care and keeping myself healthy I seem to throw out the window.  I know that this makes absolutely no sense, but it is a pattern that I have recently recognized in myself over this past semester.  This is also something that I am really going to work on moving forward in life because I know that even though school is over that does not mean that nothing else is going to stress me out or that I will never have a deadline again.

            Lately I have been learning new things about myself or recognizing things in myself that I hadn’t noticed before.  Some of these things consist of discovering what I really love, what time in the morning I feel the best waking up at, things that cause unnecessary stress in my life (meaning that I can easily fix the problem), and that writing is an outlet that I need to keep using.

            I know that I am being pretty vague in this post and I am going to leave it brief because I still do have assignments to tackle before I am completely free of school.  I just felt the need to write something and to get my brain back in the process of creative writing before diving right in.  Also, to let everyone know that I have not left writing forever and that I am returning regularly very soon.

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