The Morning

Single Bloom

In the still hours of the morning, the hour before the sunrise.  There is a silence that envelopes the earth.

A silence, that is created as the night time critters retire to their homes to sleep and the daytime ones slowly awaken.  The space between their shifts is filled with dew and of fresh earthy fragrances.

And then, the first few rays of the rising sun peak over the horizon in their soft pinks, yellows, oranges, and purples of a watercolour pallet that only God uses.

The wildlife that slept in start to stir and the first few coos of a morning dove is heard.

The rabbits rustle in the grass by the clovers as they nibble on their morning snack.

The cicadas join in next as they start up the background symphony for the day ahead.

Soon the chirping birds arise and join the chorus that will last throughout the remainder of the day.

The silent butterfly wings start to flutter, causing the butterflies to drift softly across the sky, bringing a touch more beauty to a summer’s day.

Squirrels scurry to and fro collecting food while the flowers open up to catch some sunlight.

Mornings always seem to be a little bit brighter and livelier than the rest of the day.  There is a peace in the stillness and a freshness of awakening.  The air is cooler and it reminds us how wonderful it is to be alive and to just be still and breathe.

However, most of us humans miss this beautiful transition.  We are either still nestled in our beds dreaming or our morning routines are too rushed and keep us indoors.

Yet, those of us who do happen to go outside will still likely miss it all too.  We are simply too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  Driving fast to arrive at work on time, thinking about all of the things that we have to do in our day, and we miss it…we miss it all, every morning.

Creation and God’s daily wonders are often missed because we don’t take the time to slow down, look around, and recognize it.

This summer, before it draws to a close; once, just once, wake up early to enjoy the morning excitement and wonder.  Take the time to look around and not just look around but to see everything that is happening around you.  Breathe deeply as you step outside your door.  Inhale and smell the fresh dewy grass and the fragrant flowers.  Reach down and touch the dew on the grass.  Taste the newness in the air as you breathe through your mouth and the air rushes into your lungs to give you breath, to give you life.

Stop…be still, and listen to the sounds of the morning.  Fully experience it with all of the senses that God created you with.

Then, take a moment, or a minute, or an hour, however long you need to thank God for the morning, for His creativity that is shown through creation, and for His mesmerizing handiwork displayed for all to see.

And maybe, just maybe, do it again on another beautiful, God-given morning.

As you take a moment in the morning to experience the goodness all around you, let me know what you find.  I adore seeing God through His created world around us and would love to hear about your experience.  Enjoy the peace and quiet and allow yourself to simply be and absorb the morning.

Comment below what you have seen in the morning.

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