Sea Glass

Beauty that has been crushed into tiny pieces becomes beautiful yet again.

Tossed into the waves to be shaped and smoothed by the waves pushing the pieces against rocks and sand.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I behold sea glass as beautiful and also as a reminder.

Beauty comes through process.  It comes through enduring brokenness and reshaping.  It comes through redemption.

The bottle is smashed and the pieces are scattered into the water.  They float about the sea on the waves.  They are brought in and out by the tide.  They are bounced off of rocks and it is only through this process that the sharpness of the glass becomes smooth and is transformed into something new.  What once was a bottle is now sea glass, a treasure to be found by those who walk along the beach and search for the little pieces of beauty.

If I am a piece of glass then God is the sea.  He refines me.  He takes my broken pieces and redeems them, making them beautiful and useful once again.  He softens my heart as the sea softens the edges of the glass.

I am not yet perfect, of that I am fully aware.

There are times where I will find a piece of sea glass that has been washed up on the shore and will find that it is still sharp and it needs to be softened some more.  So, I toss it back into the water, allowing that unfinished work to continue until it is complete.

I am not a finished product yet.  I am still being tossed about in this world, learning things that soften my heart to the harshness that this world can present.  I find myself bouncing around on hard times, but I know that these rocks are not going to destroy me.  I learn from each once and become softer still.

Honestly, I welcome being thrown back into the water, even though it is challenging.  God, continue to form me into something more beautiful.  Continue to soften me.

Unfinished Sea Glass, do not lose hope.  The end result is beautiful and God is the one who picks you up and sees you.  The eyes that are beholding you are His and He sees you as beautiful in each stage of becoming sea glass.  He knows just what you need to be softened and when you need to be held.  Remember, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

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