Hearts by the River


There are times in life when God seems far away and those times can be very frustrating.  But what we do in those times will either bring us life and growth, or will cause us to be stagnant and we will feel even more distant from Him.  And yes, I said what we do because God is constant, He is always right there and He is patient with us in our struggling.

When those dry times come it is not helpful to blame God for the distance because well, that is a lie, He never changes.  So, if that is where you’re at, the first step is to squash that lie with Truth.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8 (ESV)

What helps me when I’m in a dry spot is to stop and do a self examination.  Where is my heart at?  Is my heart healthy?  Is there sin and gunk in my life that I have not confessed to God that is separating me from Him?  Ask: Have I been seeking God in His Word?  Have I been praying and asking God to reveal Himself?  Have I stopped in my busy schedule to just look around and be in awe of God’s creation?  This is a great place to start allow yourself to be still before Him.  Be real with Him about how you are feeling.

Other times God is just waiting for us to ask Him to reveal Himself to us because believe it or not, He wants to do that.  He wants us to seek after Him.  He desires for us to ask to be more enlightened to who He is. In Ephesians 1 Paul says to the people that he is praying that God would reveal Himself to them through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.  We are allowed to ask God to reveal Himself; God has given His Spirit to us so that it is possible for us to know Him more fully.

There was one period of time where I felt unloved (okay this has happened more than one time in my life, but I’m going to focus on one time).  I felt like God was distant, my Bible reading time seemed useless because nothing was sticking in my mind, and I felt quite alone.  I was angry with God and felt like He had abandoned me.  After that I mainly just felt sad and almost out of desperation I said to God, “I feel alone and I feel unloved.  Show me how much you love me.  I need this right now.”

After I said that to God I went for a walk along a river. Throughout that walk God amazed me and filled my heart.  Everywhere I looked on that morning walk I saw hearts.  There were deer tracks alongside the riverbank (which look like hearts), pieces of long grass with dew on them in the shape of a heart, rocks in the river that, you guessed it, looked like hearts.  Everywhere I looked in creation that morning I saw hearts.

Now, before you get sceptical and say that it is all just chance or I saw that out of desperation, I want to add that the next day I went for the same walk and looked for those hearts and could not find any.  I truly believe that God revealed those hearts to me because I simply asked Him to show me that He loved me and He knows my heart so well.   One of the ways that I see God most is through creation: His incredible attention to detail in animal and human body systems, His handiwork in sunsets, His power in the ocean waves, His awesomeness displayed in the magnitude of the Rocky Mountains.

God is amazing, He never leaves us, and He reveals Himself to us through His creation.  He is always listening to us when we speak to Him.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, tell Him where your heart is at.  Be still and look for His response.  He may not always respond by revealing literal hearts to you everywhere, but He always responds and in just the right way for you to receive it.

Comment below and let me know how God speaks to your heart.

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  1. I remember this story of hearts from your adventures in Wyoming…. an amazing reassurance from God.
    You have many awesome stories to tell. I look forward to more!
    BTW… thank you for giving God a capital G and a capital H when you refer to Him.

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