Gratitude Changes Attitude

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For the next little while, I want to expand more on the list I made about the lessons I have learned over the past year-ish.  Apparently, lists are my go-to writing style at the moment.  Today I want to expand on gratitude through the form of a list of things I am thankful for.

The weather lately has been rather gloomy and suddenly turned colder.  To help me change my attitude of annoyance with the gloominess I am turning to writing out what I am grateful for.  So, without further ado, I will share my gratitude list with you.

  1. I am thankful that I only have one semester left of college.
  2. Coffee on early mornings, actually coffee on any morning, early or not.
  3. Quiet spaces to simply be.
  4. Laundry machines instead of having to hand wash everything.
  5. The breeze on a hot day and the suns warm rays on the cold ones.
  6. Sweaters, they are my favourite.
  7. A pen that writes smoothly.
  8. Writing the final sentence on a school assignment.
  9. The smell of a wood fire.
  10. Lists to help me organize my thoughts.
  11. The smell of a new book.
  12. A meadow with butterflies fluttering through.
  13. New and fresh beginnings.
  14. Notebooks that have thick and squishy covers.
  15. Days that allow you to wake up slowly.
  16. The sound of people singing in perfect harmony.
  17. When I don’t have to do dishes because Josiah has offered to do them.
  18. Carrying warm, clean smelling laundry from the dryer.
  19. The fragrance of a candle slowly filling a room.
  20. When birthday candles are blown out. To me, that is exactly what birthdays smell like.
  21. The ability to smell (most of the time. If only we could turn our noses off when we drive past dead skunks.)
  22. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. They taste like fall warmth; a scene where leaves are falling on a farm that has a pumpkin patch with a corn maze.  A time that you are bundled up in a cozy sweater, woollen mittens, and your favourite scarf.  All that just as the sun starts to set with its orange and pink glow.

Fun Fact: This is my first year of having a pumpkin spiced anything and that little explanation is how I feel about it.

  1. Thick tall socks over leggings.
  2. Being the first to set a skate on a freshly zambonied ice rink.
  3. Being sent pictures of sunflowers that have grown from the seed packets we gave out at our wedding.
  4. Ribbon book/notebook page markers.
  5. The crackling and popping sound of a campfire.
  6. Clear nights laying out under a starlit sky.
  7. God’s creativity when He made the world.
  8. The sound of the wind through the Poplar leaves. It makes them sound like they are singing.
  9. A roof over my head to protect me from the weather outside.
  10. The freedom that we have in Canada to worship God and to gather together with others who believe without fear.
  11. Having a car to help with transportation.
  12. For wonderful families that love me.
  13. A supportive and loving husband who cares and listens well.
  14. The love of God that surpasses understanding.
  15. Our very inexpensive and unique pet, Pippin the hedgehog.
  16. Calculators, because my math skills are quite poor.
  17. A job as youth pastor even before we are finished school.
  18. All of the opportunities and experiences that I have already had in life.
  19. Music.
  20. The diversity in people and within the church. How beautiful each unique talent and ability is.
  21. People who are willing to mentor and pour into the next generation.
  22. Creativity.
  23. Jeans that fit just right. They are next to impossible to find.  However, once you find that one pair you wear them until they are filled with holes and are indecent to continue using.  At that point, you almost have to perform a funeral for them because you have become so attached.

What are you grateful for right now? Share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Changes Attitude”

  1. Thank you, Maddi, for giving smell, sound, sight,
    savour and sensation to the Doxology – “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow”.

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