Gone are the Days

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Gone are the days of butterfly chasing.  Gone are the days of sandbox castles.  Gone are the days of backyard blow-up pools and water wings.

Gone are the days of being baby-sat and of parents letting you win because on your own you could not.  Gone are the days of tree houses, imaginary friends, and real friend play dates.

Those days are gone as childhood is.  Those days are gone because I grew up.  Those days are gone because I am an adult and responsibility has set in.  There is now scheduling, and work, and meetings.

Butterfly chases turned into occasional hikes and walks.  Sandbox castles turned into nurturing plants and gardening.  Blow-up pools are now days enjoyed inside by a fan or finding AC and sometimes, when you are very lucky, there is a day at the beach.

Getting babysat turned into babysitting and eventually into homemaking and one day, in the future, raising our own child.  Winning games because others let you turned into heated competitions and claiming real victory. Tree houses transformed into dorm rooms, apartments, and real houses.  My imaginary friends faded and I learned about the real value of pouring my life, into friends and family.  Conversations became filled with value, challenges, encouragement, and beauty.

Play dates turned into real dates; real dates led to some heart breaks.  A serious relationship turned into engagement and seven months later led to my marriage. And that my friend is where I am today.

Just because certain days and events, and time wasting fun are gone does not mean that life has stopped or that adventure has died.  The impact and development gained through those early days will remain.  Beauty and laughter and fun can still be found in this new stage of life.  How they are found is different now, than it was before but it is most definitely still there.  Age and time will continue to march forward and I have no choice but to step into each new adventure and stage of life.

However, as I step forward I also choose.  I choose to delight in the new, instead of mourn the old.  I choose to keep learning instead of staying stuck in my old ways.  I choose to live in each moment, instead of resisting them.  I also choose to love; the new people I meet, the new family I gain, and the new season I am in.

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  1. Very well written! Life certainly is a journey of seasons through this life, with lessons God has for us in each. It is wise indeed to see good in each one and embrace it while we’re in it instead of focusing on all the things we miss about an old one, or being impatient for one yet to come (like grandchildren😜).
    As an almost empty nester there are things to miss and things to enjoy, and things He has for us to learn and do in this new phase of life.

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