44 Lessons I have Learned the Past Year-ish

44 Lessons Learned BLOGPIC
  1. Small breaks and joys are important to pay attention to. Take the time to enjoy them!
  2. Saying “no” does not mean you are weak and it can actually be a very healthy response to some questions. Your energy and time are valuable.  Do not run yourself down and do a job more inferior than you desire.
  3. Filling every single day of your summer with work and high energy activity will not give you enough rest to tackle a school year plus leadership positions.
  4. Holding a baby and getting it to stop crying without handing it back to its mother makes you feel like a superhero.
  5. A kitchen does not stay clean for long…
  6. Hedgehog poop is much larger than one would imagine.
  7. Spending an afternoon in the woods and a meadow, finding monarch caterpillars and beautiful flowers is a perfect way to spend restful time.
  8. It is okay to be an internal processor and to need time to answer emotional questions or big decisions.
  9. Crying is not weakness and can actually help relieve tension that you are holding inside.
  10. Historic tile mosaic in a dark town underpass brings an incredible amount of redemption and joy to an area.
  11. Sometimes an angry child just needs someone to sit at their level and to be heard and asked questions. Really show them that you are listening.
  12. You can drown a cactus in fairly little water.
  13. One day of Sabbath, true Sabbath, a week is a command from God for a reason. Yes, it’s to glorify Him BUT it is also for our own good.  That day of rest recharges us with the energy needed to tackle another week and to do it well.
  14. Every single person in a congregation has a purpose, a voice, a contribution that is critical to the survival, multiplication, and mission of the church.
  15. Empowering others to lead is good leadership.
  16. Asking questions to the people who went before you is both wise and highly beneficial.
  17. Homemade is always better and is worth the extra dishes and time.
  18. Just breathe.
  19. Reading novels inspires imagination.
  20. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to understand the full picture.
  21. Writing out a gratitude list can help your attitude towards a day or situation.
  22. If you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something don’t ignore Him, act! If you don’t you will never know what God could have used you for and you will regret it and wish you could go back and relive that moment unafraid.
  23. Planning a wedding teaches you a lot about your future spouse and helps you start to figure out how to compromise. You also learn more about what is important to each of you.
  24. When you find your special human to spend forever with, there is no question in your spirit, they are your person. Q: How do you know you are really in love?A: You just know.  You won’t have to ask that question. (Not helpful unless you are at that point, I know).
  25. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way and it won’t matter how much you try to lead them the right way. It is not your fault if they walk away, they are their own person.
  26. Sometimes people just need you to show up for them to feel loved. Everyone receives love differently.
  27. If you need a pen and paper to process and communicate sometimes, that is okay, carry some around with you then
  28. Monarch butterflies are considered at risk.
  29. Hosting people in your own home is awesome!
  30. Lynn Austin has become a favourite author of mine.
  31. The start up for a blog is more work than I anticipated. Pinterest and other bloggers lie when they say it’s an easy 5-step process OR can be done in 30 minutes.
  32. If you have a question, just ask it.
  33. Married life is awesome. There is a lot to discover and figure out, and things to work through.  But, everyday life with your best friend is truly lovely.
  34. There are days when you will want extra chocolate chips in your trail mix, do it.
  35. No phone times are sweet times.
  36. Late summer/early fall is my favourite season combination.
  37. If you don’t have AC in Southern Ontario summer then multiple fans is a must.
  38. Seek others for help out of dark places. Counselling can be a fantastic resource.  Just because you know how to help someone else in dark times and can support them does not mean you can help yourself out of your own darkness.
  39. Every age group engages with information differently.
  40. Just because you can do something by yourself doesn’t mean that you should.
  41. Grandmother meals trump all and seem to have a healing component to them (even their sandwiches are somehow better).
  42. Dealing with hurt and difficulties is better done sooner than later. Don’t let it fester longer than it needs to.
  43. When you live in the city and part of your love language/life-giving language is nature and creation, visits to the countryside are a must.
  44.  I have more strength when I seek God daily.

2 thoughts on “44 Lessons I have Learned the Past Year-ish”

  1. Maddi, you have learned more in one year-ish than I have in my eighty year-ish.
    But I have learned a little.
    4. Holding a baby and getting it to stop crying without getting barf on your shoulder
    makes you feel very relieved.
    6. Poor Pippen – must go on rations.
    12. Better get an hydrangea.
    19. Did you run this by Grandma Teal?
    31. Every startup is more work than anticipated.
    34. Raisins, please.
    37. Or move back to Alberta!!
    41. Daughter-in-law meals are at the top. They learned from your grandmother.
    44. True! True! True!

    Very good, Maddi. I enjoy reading your blogs for their variety, positive content and good sense of humour. Keep up the good work. Love you both, grampa

    1. Thanks, Grampa 🙂 Hahaha love hearing your additions and personal alterations to the list 😀
      I wish I could read your whole list of lessons learned! Would love to hear about your life experiences and what God has taught and is teaching you. Your list would be full of wisdom and rich thoughts that all could benefit from <3

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