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Hey Friends,

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Maddison Rizzo and I am on this journey of life (the same as you). I am trying to focus on seeking God, while I learn lessons, adventure, and experience other realities of living in this world.

I am a wife, a student, a follower of Jesus, and an owner of a Springer Spaniel puppy named Lily.

I am passionate about truth and stories (specifically people’s stories).  I love walking with people through life, seeing people become passionate (or realize their passions), and grow in their talents.

My desire with this blog is to be authentic and real, to tell my story and to share the things that I am learning (because I am totally still in process and figuring this life out, haha).  I want to grow in my ability to communicate through writing and am excited for you all to journey along this process with me.

Writing helps me get the thoughts that are in my head out.  It helps me process my experiences and is also very therapeutic.  I hope that you can learn with me and that you enjoy this journey of life on this little space of the Interwebs that is now mine.

My desire is to provide you with truth, story, resources, and a safe community.

Thank you for joining me.  Now let’s hang onto God and community and enjoy this life we have been given.